Restoring the ability to walk by repairing the spinal cord

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A Unique Approach


GTX medical is developing a therapy combining a spinal cord implant with gravity-assisted training. We aim to accelerate and augment functional recovery of people with spinal cord injury, and to improve their quality of life. For this we are relying on a series of scientific breakthroughs in animal models and preliminary clinical studies.

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Latest News


March '17

#1 Breakthrough Technology in MIT Technology Review

We're proud to announce that our technology of 'Reversing Paralysis' was ranked number 1 in the renowned MIT Technology Review.


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January '17

G-Therapeutics named as one of the Fierce15 companies


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November '16

Nature paper has been published

The groundbreaking discovery where brain implants allowed a paralyzed monkey to walk again were presented in Nature.


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Where do we stand?


The development of an entirely new neuromodulation system takes years. We are currently pursuing clinical trials in a number of selected clinical and rehabilitation sites. If you would like to become a part of our mission, check out our jobs section.

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Restoring the ability to walk by repairing the spinal cord